Dr. Joshua Gotkin, a Director specializing in labor and employment issues, joined ERS Group in 1996.  He has provided testimony and produced comprehensive analyses for diverse public and private organizations, enabling their timely and appropriate response to litigation, OFCCP audits, and EEOC investigations.

Dr. Gotkin has extensive experience researching and analyzing allegations of discrimination affecting all aspects of employment decision-making.  His expertise also includes the in-depth analysis of wage and hour issues; the calculation of the value of economic losses; and the application of Census data to labor and employment issues.

In response to clients’ need to comply with government regulation and mounting concern over litigation, Dr. Gotkin specializes in the design and implementation of monitoring programs, to proactively assess potential risk and meet requirements of ongoing court-ordered monitoring of employment practices.

Dr. Gotkin served as an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona prior to joining ERS Group.

Key Projects

Testified in Urban v. Halliburton regarding allegations of age discrimination in terminations

Designed monitoring programs for firms in Biotechnology, Food Service and Defense industries

Directed the preparation of compensation, promotion and hiring analyses in McClain v. Lufkin Industries, Inc.

Directed the preparation of termination analyses in Pollock v. Continental Airlines, Inc.

Analyzed wage and hour issues for large firms in Communications, Food Service and Manufacturing industries

Performed compensation analyses for small and large companies in Aerospace, Banking, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Financial Services, Food Service and Transportation industries

Expert Details

Practice Areas

Contact Information


4901 Tower Court

Tallahassee, FL 32303


Direct: 850.536.3252

Office: 850.562.1211

B.A., Seattle University, Economics

M.S., University of Arizona, Economics

Ph.D., University of Arizona, Economics

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