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Representative Cases and Projects

Liability insurance recovery services for utility company involved in environmental litigation

A major investor-owned gas and electric utility retained ERS Group to provide valuation, settlement support and litigation support services for its claims against its liability insurance carriers associated with hundreds of environmental sites, including former manufactured gas plants, power plants, compressor stations, substations, service centers, underground storage tank sites, and third-party hazardous waste disposal sites, landfills, and recycling facilities.  Our services included analyzing liability insurance policies dating back to the early 1930's, quantifying incurred and future clean up and response costs, performing allocations of costs to multiple years and layers of liability insurance coverage, analyzing potential insurance recovery, providing litigation support, administering the notice process, and assisting with successful settlement negotiations.

Liability insurance claims support for utility company involved in catastrophic event

ERS Group’s insurance coverage experts worked with a large investor-owned utility to quantify and document claims against the company’s liability insurance carriers for costs associated with property damage and bodily injury liabilities arising from a natural gas line explosion.

Property and business interruption insurance claims support for railroad company affected by extreme weather event

A major U.S. railroad company retained ERS Group personnel to prepare its property damage, extra expense, and loss of business income claim stemming from losses sustained during a major West Coast winter storm event.  Our work included accumulating and segregating incurred labor, materials and contractor costs associated with repair and replacement of damaged track, roadbed, bridges, signal and communications systems, and land and waterways; quantifying extra expenses associated with maintaining service during and after the storm; evaluating and quantifying of lost revenue, avoided costs, and contingent business interruption; preparing and documenting the insurance claim; and provided analytical support to the successful settlement negotiation effort.

Expert testimony and insurance claims support for product recall and business interruption claim

ERS Group’s insurance coverage experts quantified product recall costs, extra expense, and loss of business income associated with a recall of a policyholder's nutritional beverage products due to e-coli contamination.  Expert witness testimony was required on this matter.

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