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Dr. Chester Palmer is a Consulting Expert at ERS Group.  He joined the firm in 1998 upon his retirement from a position as Professor of Mathematics at Auburn University, Montgomery (Alabama).

Dr. Palmer has testified by deposition and/or at hearing in cases in the federal courts and at arbitration. Most of his testimony has been on the analysis of employment data, but he has also testified on the analysis of testing and educational data, on the validation of employment tests, and on the analysis of environmental data. He has also served as a non-testimonial expert consultant on projects involving actual or potential litigation, and on other projects. He has published articles and technical reports dealing with issues in statistics, testing, and validation.

Key Projects

Selected Publications and Speaking Engagements

Evaluated statistical sampling methodology and provided supplemental analyses of healthcare claims on behalf of a healthcare corporation involved in litigation related to allegations of commercial fraud

Analyzed federal promotions for racial effects in Johnson v. Webb

Analyzed a federal reduction-in-force for racial effects in Macy et al., v. Dalton

Analyzed hiring and promotion for racial effects in Bull et al., v. AVX Corporation

Analyzed faculty salaries for gender effects in Inglis et al., v. Buena Vista University

Analyzed test results for racial effects and reviewed validation efforts in U.S. v. City of Atlanta and Hamer et al., v. City of Atlanta (consolidated)

Analyzed test items for racial effects in Paradise v. McHenry et al.

Analyzed educational test results by race in U.S. v. Alabama

“Validation of a Clerical Test Using Work Samples. Journal of Business and Psychology, Winter, 1992 (lead author)

Numerous technical reports for litigation on development of data bases and statistical methods and analyses.

Practice Areas

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4901 Tower Court

Tallahassee, FL 32303

Direct: 850.536.3208

Office: 850.562.1211

A.B., Dartmouth College, Honors Mathematics

M.A., Cornell University, Mathematics

M.Phil., Yale University, Mathematics

Ed.D., Auburn University, Mathematics Education

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