Get straight to the point with focused economic research and statistical analysis.   ERS Group’s economic consultants develop studies that are on point.  These analyses take account of the industry-context, appropriate data, and relevant specifications, and represent the results in understandable terms.  Our reports and reliable expert testimony allow clients and other decision-makers to make informed decisions.

Economic Research & Statistical Analysis

ERS Group experts help clients quantify issues and evaluate options through:

  • Explorations of the outcomes of policies or practices
  • Assessments of the value of past decisions
  • Determinations of the value of decisions or assets
  • Predictions of the economic impact of a future event

Our economists and statisticians efficiently design quantitative analyses that directly address the economic question under investigation.  They use the most appropriate statistical and financial techniques, including multiple regression, statistical sampling, business valuation, and forecasting.

Each engagement rests upon a solid foundation of economic research and statistical analysis.  Our economists, supported by database analysts and researchers, use sophisticated software to build analytical databases and analyze proprietary and publicly available data to provide clients with quantitative and qualitative studies that help them evaluate the scope and impact of the issues that matter.

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