The valuation of intellectual property assets is one of our core competencies. Micronomics have been active in this area for more than two decades, with experience that includes investigations of high profile patent, trademark, and copyright infringement matters, as well as theft or misappropriation of trade secrets. Engagements in this area have included investigations relating to:

  • Reasonable royalty analysis
  • Calculation of lost profits
  • Calculation of price erosion damages
  • Competitive issues and market definition
  • Commercial success
  • Convoyed sales
  • Royalty audits
  • Standard setting

Our experts have worked on numerous engagements involving leading semiconductor, software, medical products and pharmaceuticals companies. We have developed proprietary databases pertaining to the value of intellectual property assets and assembled an extensive library of industry trade press, analyst reports and scientific investigations. We are able to turn to and draw upon these materials as appropriate in our work.

Our experts are also practiced in the economic and financial valuation techniques required to properly assess the value of specific intellectual property assets. These capabilities, together with our experienced understanding of the governing legal and institutional framework, enable us to provide valuable consulting support to companies engaged in complex patent litigation or licensing negotiations even when intellectual property management is complicated by the need to cross license technology owned by others or predict the useful life of a technology.


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