Employers, attorneys, HR professionals, regulatory agencies such as EEOC (http://www.eeoc.gov/) and OFCCP, and courts often look to statistical analysis of employment decisions when evaluating allegations of employment discrimination. We can help legal counsel, employers, and other decision-makers who want to understand the impact of employment decisions and policies regarding hiring, promotion, terminations and compensation.

Our experts understand labor market theory, publicly available data, and industry-specific employment contexts, allowing them to prepare models of employment decision-making processes that reflect the actual practices of organizations.

Our expertise extends from data collection to economic modeling to data analysis. Our reports, visual graphics, and expert testimony clearly and thoroughly detail the analysis and results. These analyses have been used by clients in multiple settings, including:

  • Employment discrimination class action litigation
  • Single-plaintiff employment litigation
  • Pay Equity
  • Reduction-in-Force
  • EEOC investigations
  • OFCCP audits
  • Proactive compensation studies
  • Class action settlement monitoring

ERS Group’s quantitative economic analyses help attorneys assess the value and merits of wage and hour claims. ERS Group consultants estimate measures of time worked from existing data, and help clients identify sources of information to provide measures of critical issues, such as length of the work day in the absence of time clock data.

ERS Group’s experts have provided economic analyses for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), state, and federal employee wage and hour class actions across the United States. Issues we have quantified include:

  • Misclassification
  • Off-the-clock work
  • Missed meal and rest periods
  • Regular rate of pay
  • Overtime claims
  • Donning & Doffing



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