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ERS Group’s experts help clients get to the point with focused data analytics that efficiently organize and evaluate large amounts of data from disparate data sources.  Our projects allow clients to sort through structured and unstructured data sets to:

  • Explore the outcomes of policies or practices
  • Assess the value of past decisions
  • Determine the value of future decisions
  • Identify new areas of importance

Our experienced economists and database analysts put power software tools, including data mining software and statistical analysis packages to work for clients.

Data Analysis & Economic Consulting

ERS Group’s economic consultants have the experience and expertise to ensure that analyses are accurate and supported by accepted economic theory, statistical methodologies, and industry standards.  We obtain client data in a variety of formats, including electronic documents, email, data from mobile devices, exports from relational databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP) and financial information. Often our analyses also include detailed information from publicly available datasets, such as those distributed by the CDC, salary surveys, or credit-rating agencies.  Finally, complex analyses require economic modeling that includes subject matter specific information.  Our analyses pull together the most relevant information and produce dependable results.  Our experts have applied data analytics techniques to a variety of issues related to:

  • Economic impact
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Tax

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